Event Report: How Digital Marketing Impact Your Business

07 Jun Event Report: How Digital Marketing Impact Your Business

Jakarta, May 24, 2017 – With more than of 50% internet users’ penetration and 40% of social media users at the moment, it is predicted that digital marketing in Indonesia will significantly increase in the coming years. The marketers and companies in Indonesia could maximize their business if they were able to apply the right digital marketing strategy.

Snapshot from our event.

Snapshot from our event. Left to Right (Isabela Silalahi, Adisti Latief, & Rahul Budhraja)

The prediction of the rise of digital marketing business in Indonesia was being discussed in a seminar “How Digital Marketing Impacts Your Business” at Ritz Carlton Hotel, Pacific Place, Jakarta, May 24, 2017. This seminar is hosted by leading Indonesian market research and consultant, DEKA, in collaboration with their partner, Analytic Edge, a global analytic company which its offices located in USA, Switzerland, India and Singapore.


The speakers at the seminar were Yanti Nisro (Deputy Managing Director, Deka), Adisti Latief (Marketing Science Lead, Facebook Indonesia), Isabella Silalahi (Marketing & Digital Director, The Body Shop Indonesia) and Rahul Budhraja (Founder & Director, Analytic Edge).



“The needs of digital marketing in Indonesia becomes more important in line with the rise of digital users, where internet users increased 51% this year compared to last year. It means there will be a strong need for business players and corporations in Indonesia to apply digital marketing strategy and to monitor its effectiveness for the success of their business” said Irma Malibari, Managing Director of DEKA.

The Body Shop Indonesia shared about their digital marketing success story in Indonesia. The use of the right digital marketing platform combined with a comprehensive data analysis has helped the growth of The Body Shop Indonesia’s business. Another interesting fact presented by Facebook Indonesia about connecting the dots between marketing and business value in Indonesia.  While Analytic Edge talked about data measurement techniques based on digital platform. This measurement has brought in-depth analysis towards the marketing mix strategy for both, digital and traditional marketing that is directly related to the sales of product and services.

At the end of seminar, participants gained better insights and understanding that the right digital marketing platform combined with their mix marketing strategy would help them in answering the challenges as well as embracing the opportunity to market their products and services. Though the growth of digital marketing is predicted to be increase rapidly, it is worth noting that both digital and traditional marketing strategy are playing important role in supporting the business.


For further information about this seminar, please contact Ellin Novita (ellin.novita@deka-research.co.id) or you may contact her at +6221 7236901 ext 310.

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